Improve Self - Confidence Self - Esteem

Ways to improve Self - Confidence and Self - Esteem

Are there deep emotions that you not aware of that are ruling your life? For example resentment, scarcity, fear, traumas, shame and so on, that you’re confidence and self-esteem is affected because of those emotions? You may have spent a lot of time and money just to get rid of these. Perhaps you are even doing affirmations and positive thinking and are wondering why it isn’t still working. The reason why is because although you are shifting your surface-level mindset, emotions, and beliefs, you are missing shifting the tectonic plates of your mind, the parts that carry your traumas and deep-seated emotions.

In the video below, I want to go over some of the top emotions to let go to conquer core self – confidence and self – esteem. This will shift not only how you feel, but raise your vibration, hence shifting how people and situations react to you. As you make it a daily practice for 30 or more days everyday surface level emotions won’t bother you as much.

Here are 7 things to let go of to build Confidence and Self – Esteem :

1. Let go of fear.

Fear can hold you back in living the life of your dreams. Fear feels uncomfortable, you are robbing yourself of the chance to experience the deep satisfaction which comes with listening to your heart and soul and creating a better life full of passion and purpose. Conquering this will enable you to face all other fears with another perspective and confidence.

2. Let go of guilt.

Release any guilt or self-hate you currently have. Many times you act out of not knowing the consequences of your actions or sometimes you act based on your current emotion which sometimes leads you to have regrets or guilt of the outcome. Forgive yourself for the things you have done to yourself and others. You can’t go back and change the past but you can change your future by not committing the same offense over and over again.

3. Let go of shame.

A part of the experience of shame is the fear of being found out and exposed. You want to run and hide and protect yourselves from exposure to other people’s judgment. Let go of any shame, insecurity you may have physically or about your personality, the shame of being not stable financially, shame of how you present yourself socially and so on. Anytime shame surfaces, there is an opportunity to experience a healing of the experiences and beliefs that have fed the shame.

4. Let go of loneliness and grief.

At times in your life, have you felt that you were all alone? This feeling describes the emotion of loneliness. Other words people use to describe loneliness include feeling empty, isolated, excluded or left out. You can feel lonely when you are physically alone and you can also feel it in the presence of others. Grief is the feeling of loss many times. When you are at your peak on this emotion, realize or think the abundance of love you have in your life at the moment and let go of any feeling of emptiness, loss, and regrets on the people that are no longer in your life because of a failed relationship. Accept and treasure the moments you spent together and appreciate the space that has opened up for new love to show up.

5. Let go of self-deception.

Self-Deception is rooted in your thinking, and visible in your activities. If you look at it in reverse what you do, or how you act is, in reality, is a product of your belief. If you have been deceived and are thinking wrong as a result of that deception, then you need to adjust, reset, and refocus areas of your thinking that have been subjected to deception. Replacing them with truth, and ultimately seeing the conformation in your actions.  Embrace your truth on who you are and what you care about. Clear your inner vision through meditation and let go of the illusion that is in your thoughts. This will essentially boost your confidence as you realize your oneness with all, you have nothing to fear.

6. Let go of resentment.

This is something you need to do for your peace of mind and to improve your relationship with others. Don’t get stuck blaming others for your unhappiness. Even when others have done wrong, you’re called upon to examine your hearts and to respond to others in love. Any hate you have towards others will cripple your self-confidence. Forgive others it is the best gift you can give to yourself because when you forgive you are freeing yourself to not allow anyone or anything from the past to bind you in your current actions. Hurt people hurt others so, begin to develop empathy for them to heal that resentment.

7. Let go of desire and attachment.

The less emotionally attached you are to the outcome the more carefree and confident you will be. Learning how to move past the things that hold you back is an important step in reclaiming the life that has been designed just for you. What happened in the past doesn’t have to define who you are today.

Learning how to believe in yourself will open up endless possibilities in your life. At times you may find this difficult to do. The truth is that we’ve been conditioned throughout our lives to doubt ourselves. We must retrain ourselves to get rid of our fears and self-doubt to build self – confidence and self – esteem.

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