Spiritual Awakening Signs

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening is the most isolating, loneliest, confusing, bothering but a beautiful experience in life.  Without experiencing a spiritual awakening, you go pursuing things with emptiness which you thought you will find happiness and satisfaction on it. Spiritual awakening happens at the least expected time. You can’t plan it. It rolls and shakes your life. But the outcome or purpose of it comes at the time you most needed it.

Spiritual awakening happens after realization or seeing the actual meaning of life. It is the natural product of one’s maturity. Just like other things in life grows, so too your connection to your souls. It’s similar to maturing from youthful years to adulthood with growing pains, sadness, and new discoveries.

The following are some tips to help you recognize the various emotions you may be experiencing:

1. You question everything in life.

You will start to look into what you’ve been taught from your childhood to believe. During this time you begin also questioning yourself why are you here on earth? What’s your purpose? Why are you not still successful in your goal? This can feel isolating but be ready for your questions as you investigate, research and fall into your truth.

2. You lose interest in material things.

You become aware and prioritizes your needs more than your wants. What matters to you now are the things that last for a lifetime. You desire for inner joy and spending more time on people that are important to you like your family, close friends, spiritual family, etc. You’re learning to live each day with gratitude.

3. You feel compassionate.

You have that feeling of empathy or sympathy towards a person in need. You put other people’s needs above yours. You tend to listen first before speaking because you make sure that you are aware of how you sound, convey the message,  and the impact of your words will cause. Everything you do in life is linked through a cause and effect system. By doing good to others you receive positivity and contentment.

4. You have Increased Inner Peace.

You don’t mind being alone. You feel comfortable going to the mall alone doing some shopping, eating alone, traveling and even watching a movie alone. You are happy and secure being alone. You have that calm and peaceful joy, an experience that everything is alright because you know whom to put your trust.

Spiritual awakening creates a no turning back point in your lives. There’s no way to return to the old you. Thoughts are more clear and the mind has opened on true awareness. Doubts, worries, problems that are occupying in mind are gone. Despite experiencing emotions, you are not affected by them anymore since you are already filled with love, kindness, and compassion for all humanity. You’re ready for new opportunities to meditate on with a peaceful heart.

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