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Felipe Yanez


is confidence and social skills coach with a natural ability to shift a person’s mindset and self-image. As an entrepreneur, leader, and speaker, he helps facilitate transformation and helps unleash a person’s true potential natural and easy.

After helping thousands to create inner transformation and to better connect with others while improving all areas of their lives, he’s found the perfect system to teach you this way of being.

It’s time to master yourself and the subtle art of connecting with people.

Learn the secrets to socializing, building unshakable confidence, and instantly connecting with people.





5 star Reviews


Felipe helped me get incredibly clear on the direction I needed to go in to build my business. He is an incredible life coach. All I had was a bunch of ideas that I couldn’t clearly explain and through working with Felipe I was finally able to launch my business with his clear and actionable steps. He truly is a great listener and I felt he understand my problem more than I understood it myself. I HIGHLY recommend working with him.


Health Coach

his is a must-have for everyone who wants an extremely compact guide to happiness and success in life. It does not only show you what indifference is but how to reach indifference, or better said,

how to accept that you already are indifferent. Essential! Thanks for that great book.

best regards from Switzerland,



Master the subtle art of connecting with people.

Get my secrets to socializing, and instantly connecting with people, effortlessly.


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