Living at full pontetial!

Doing less and getting more, has been our philosophy because life was ment to be simple and easy.  Find out the keys to getting to your full pontential by enhancing who you are!

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dating course for beginners

Hugo Garcia on personal transformation and changing behavior

Inspirational Life Transformation Mentor, Coach and Healer. His purpose is to serve people that are fully committed to change an or every area of their lifes in which they feel stuck and/or frustrated. He will show them how to create the kind of lifes that desperately want and that they truly deserve!



Life Vision

  {:en} Vision Welcome to part 2 of the Foundations Course. This installment covers some very important pieces of the puzzle so read it carefully, follow the instructions and IMPLEMENT! [button link=”https://social-buddha.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Vision.pdf” size=”medium” variation=”deepblue”]Download Vision.pdf[/button] Stay tuned for part 3, containing powerful concepts that will blow your mind and supercharge everything you do. Please post

Advance Concepts

Here’s the third and final installment of the Foundations Course,
full of controversy but with a ton of value if you apply it correctly.
We hope you enjoy it!

Advance Concepts

Advanced Concepts Advance Concepts – full of controversy but with a ton of value if you apply it correctly. We hope you enjoy it! [button link=”https://social-buddha.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Advanced-Concepts.pdf” size=”medium” variation=”deepblue”]Download Advanced Concepts.pdf[/button]

Books Self Help

Get a jump start on taking your life to the next level and awake your inner power with our online books available to your membership

Self-deception & congruency

In my experience a lot of the issues in life, interpersonal communication and relationships boil down to congruency. I think most people on this call would agree that at least over half of the time when we say or do something, it isn’t what we are really thinking, and/or our actions aren’t really reflecting how we’re truly feeling. This causes our communication and actions to be extremely ineffective and even counter-productive.