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How to be Happy

For most people, at the end of the day life just boils down to being happy.

It’s an old cliché but so true; other people, relationships, material things, experiences, anything external can not and will never bring happiness, peace or fulfillment. We see the classic ”I’ll be happy once I get/have/do x” everywhere but it’s a delusion. Once we have what we thought we wanted we move on to the next thing we’ve been told to aquire. There will always be something new, it never ends and we can waste our whole lives wanting and suffering.

The truth is, you’re either happy or you’re not and you decide yourself. The moment you stop depending on outside circumstances and decide to just be happy regardless everything will change. You are then free to enjoy things from a completely new place without attachment or expectations, which will greatly enhance all your experiences in life.

It’s really simple. If you aren’t happy alone you will NEVER be happy with someone else. There is nothing to get, or become. Just BE happy and you will attract other people who are also happy and fulfilled by themselves, regardless of whether or not the two of you ever meet. This is the foundation for truly fantastic relationships with people and with yourself.

It’s a fact that you cannot give to others what you don’t have. This also implies that if you decide to give happiness away and make someone’s day without expecting anything in return, you are already happy. Food for thought. Have a great week, try it and let me know what happens!

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