Creating Confidence When Hitting Rock Bottom - Social Buddha

You are NOT unique.

And, that is great news!

When you stop to think of the issues or problems in your life realize that most people have similar or even the same issues as you do. Sure there are catastrophes like that passing of a loved that have a much larger impact on your life. However, most of the things you worry about are so common and on the grand scale of things, minuscule.

In my personal experience, I have worried and complained so much about things that later either didn’t matter or became an opportunity. Also, it would make me overlook a lot of amazing things that I already going for me in the search for something better. Those feelings of frustration left little room for any gratitude or joy. It was all about complaining and wanting, wanting.

I wanted to be free from having a job I hated, work on my own business and be my own boss.
I wanted to travel the world as I worked remotely.
I wanted to be more confident, especially in social situations and be more popular.
I wanted attractive women to like me and give me approval.

I also complained and felt of out control for not having those things as well as the confidence and social problems I had. I started as being as an introverted and shy person with social anxiety. I thought people could tell right away and would judge me (they prob had no idea  ).

I would freeze up, would not know what in social situations from networking events, at work or just at parties. I didn’t like small talk or big groups. I wanted to socialize with smaller more intimate groups with similar values and interests to me to make conversations easier.

I thought the solution was getting more money or job success. Perhaps getting a hot girlfriend and being validated in that way. As I began to get some of the things I thought I needed to be validated, “confident” and fulfilled I found myself lost. I still felt unvalidated, had fear of rejection, and had a lot more to lose now.

As I began to live life from within rather than without, the more courageous I became. I started and built a business. Began attracting better partners, connections, friends, and situations. I built not only the right mindset but also I created the right habits & took massive action on my goals.

When I ask my clients and also friends what has had the biggest impact on improving themselves and their lives. They all mention deep introspection, having the right social environment (friends, mentors, coaches & colleagues) to model, and taking massive action in the right directions with empowering habits. It’s that simple.

Do you have productive habits, an uplifting social circle, and or an empowering mindset? Take an honest inventory of your life and note what areas of your life you wish to improve and at what level they are at when it comes to those three things.

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Thanks and lots of love from your Social Buddha 

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