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How to host an event

How to host an event

How to host an event in Denver and be the star of the evening!


You have wonder what makes a good event and how to have time to be social to be able to meet everyone?  Here are some steps on thow to host an event whether corporate, team building activities in Denver, networking or just a party to enjoy the evening with everyone.

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7 steps to planning or hosting and event and What you need to know make sure you are a great host.

hosting an event




1.Figure out what you are good at that you can related to an event

Some people are great musicians, others at making cocktails and others at some sort of sport. If you can find out how to relate what you are good at to an event you will be ahead.  You will enjoy every single process of it and be real to everyone as that is your interest as well.  You dont need to be able to play a guitar even though you might incporate someone who can.

Interesting interests you might have.

For example if you like hockey.  You can make a hockey theme or sport related event like ice skate or watch a game. If you dont know what you are good at, no worries just focus on your personal skills or what you are trying to develop like socializing, networking and apply that to your party.  For example you might want to introduce professionals to profesionals and make that your only purpose.  Another great purspose is if you can volunteer to plan your company’s corporate event.  What better way to be the star of your work area if you can bring all of the fun to them.

2. Find out theme of your gathering

When you know the theme then ideas will start flowing to plan the event.  Venues where to host it, who to invite, what you want in the event, etc.   Make a list of ideas and narrow them down to the top 3.

3. When you have the top 3 ideas ask your friends of people you might invite which one they like the best.

You want to make sure the people you are invited like what they will be doing as this is about them and them having a good time.  This is important to build up on your event planning and hosting development.

4. Pick the venue

make sure you pick a venue that can accomidate your group in order to make reservation.  Usually a place that looks semi busy but not to crowded in order to have time for you group but also to incorporate other people from the venue.

5. Invite people and give them a date to confirm

Depending on the event you might be able to have last minute confirmations or not.  Usually good to have a confirmation date to be able to make reservation and not run into any issues.  Even though extra people is always a good issue to have.

6. Invite more people than what you think you will have

Always have more people invited than the number you want to have, as not everyone can come or things will happened along the way.  Better to always have more than less.

7. Make sure your event is as free as posible of responsability when you are there

In order to have time to meet everyone and introduce everyone to everyone, is important to make an event where you have to do the less posible during the event.   Ask the venue what they can accomidate you with as some already have life music, or offer some sort of planning that you can use as well.




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