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Social Confidence and Dating Coaching Program

Are you tired of feeling lonely, frustrated and too shy to even start a conversation?

It wasn’t too long ago that I was feeling completely frustrated, because I felt that I couldn’t start a conversation with anyone. I was crippled by the fear of rejection and the idea of another failed attempt to be interesting in a conversation,  or simply make a connection to potentially see this person again.

The results were incredibly disheartening. I had very few friends, I felt like the whole world was against me as I tried to be more confident and social. 

I kept shutting down more and more. The interaction would end up being awkward and uncomfortable. It was as if they were reading my energy and how s*itty I was feeling.

At the time I didn’t realize that I could change all of that until I hired coaches, mentors, and began learning more and more about the art of socializing.

I’ve gone from feeling shy, insecure, freezing up in social situations, not being able to speak to people (especially strangers), get a date, or connect with people to hosting events with hundreds of people around the world. Having the ability to effortlessly start a conversation with anyone and have them wanting more, EVERY TIME.

To be honest the most gratifying part of learning and becoming this type of person has been being able to be anywhere in the world and make a connection with anyone I meet. There is no longer doubt on what to say, anxiety, or frustration for that matter in regards to connecting with people. I don’t have to go to a bar to meet people since I just do it anywhere from a coffee shop or anywhere I go in my everyday life!

Can this be possible for you? Absolutely!

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    Yes, you too can conquer your social fears and attract quality relationships by modeling what has worked for others. 

    No more:

    • Social Anxiety
    • Not knowing what to say
    • Feeling rejected or not knowing how to connect

    I’ve created the perfect outline for you to see the exact steps you can use to have start having amazing interactions and attract quality relationships. It’s all about confidence and changing your vibe.

    Elevate your confidence, social & dating life in 12 weeks or less!


    This is one of the most powerful and simple methods to create transformation in your life. It can be used in ANY area of your life and it’s for a lifetime. All it takes is a commitment of 90 days to learn the tools and methodologies.

    The Social Buddha Method is all about vibe and projecting the right energy. The conversation (and relationship) you have with yourself (the most important one), and with people, or situations. It reinforces habits you wish to establish in any area of your life to reach your goals by infusing them with an empowering new positive story.

    The changes become permanent in who YOU ARE because we deal with “rewiring” your mindset at a subconscious level. That’s why we stand by the belief and practice that 80% is mindset and commitment VS outer-technique or strategy. You will be establishing certain internal rituals to help you put your new vision/mindset into action.

    Coaching Structure


    Note: The following structure is a general one that can and will be adjusted to fit your needs. It is also a method-based structure that is ever-evolving.


    Weeks 1 – 4  | Mental and Emotional Readiness – (To incorporate into a daily routine) 

    Outcome: Gain mental stability, confidence, detachment from the outcome and increase your emotional freedom.

    • 80/20 mindset and commitment

      (80% of the work is mindset and commitment and the other 20% is strategy)
      • Blocks and releasing past conditioning/limiting beliefs
      • Vision and Story Creation 
      • Attract (focus on being the most amazing version of yourself that naturally attracts the people you want)

    Weeks 4 – 8  | Establishing an Empowering Routine and tie into confidence/social/dating habits

    Outcome: Have consistent confidence and empowering energy every day to stay on your vision and have the right energy to create your desired results as social habits are integrated.

    • Creating the perfect morning/evening routine
    • Troubleshooting, refining internal mindset and energy


    Week 8 – 12 – 20% strategy | Social / Social / Professional Habits to Establish

    Outcome: Creating abundance (more options) in your social, professional, dating, and overall life with higher quality people.

    • Social strategy for attracting the right people into your life
      • Mastering being social to meet people offline (at events or just on your everyday life)
      • Create an amazing online profile (Optional: if this is something you’d like to do)
      • Going on dates and leaving a lasting impression
      • Getting clear on what you want and qualify
      • Mastering being attractive and positive traits
      • Jumpstart your social circle/network by being the connector


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