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Hitting Rock Bottom.

There is no one thing that all successful people have in common.

They don’t all go to a prestigious university (some don’t even go to college).

They’re not all born beautiful, fit or gorgeous.

And they don’t just inherit a ton of money right away.

They all have rock bottom moments. Perhaps, similar to what you are going through right now or in the past. It’s that time when everything seems to be falling apart, maybe the creditors are calling, money doesn’t seem to be coming, or you are feeling lonely and your dating life has not been working out.

Whatever the issue, at this moment you are faced with two decisions. Either collapse under pressure or step up to the plate and use this hopeless moment as a springboard to the next level. You will either choose to rise or fall further and avoid taking responsibility.

The fallers will continue to fall and avoid problems. They will find it harder and harder to get out of bed. Continue to make excuses and attract more negative situations. They cling to their stories why they can’t come up with a solution to their issues overlooking that their biggest problem is the negativity and limiting story.

What about the other group of people that rise to the challenge or rather an opportunity?

They may face the same problems however, they are solution and opportunity oriented. They find people who have figured things out, they get the expert advice…they start back up from the bottom, swallow their pride and if need be work from again the bottom up in order to achieve their dreams & create an impact in the world.

It’s about taking one small step at a time. This group is not necessarily happier especially in this situation but they don’t get crippled by uncertainty or these issues. It’s ok to be mad, sad and have these emotions but, keep moving forward.

If you are there right now I feel you…I’ve been there and I know that those moments will continue to arise in my life so I will continue to rise to meet those opportunities for growth. The point is to keep moving forward and elevating your energy and thoughts, your actions and habits.

It’s all about elevating your vibration and vibe. Go after whatever makes you happy especially if it scares you. Stop suffering in a steady, secure yet unfulfilling life. If you’ve taken a leap of faith then keep going and trust yourself, the process, as well as the type of impact you wish to have on the world, is worth it.

Know that every single one of the people you admire has used these times of desperation to ignited their fire and rise up.

If you are at such a low point in your dating, social or any part of your life, keep learning, keep improving yourself to attract the perfect partner. Trust me if you take on a perspective of seeing challenges as opportunities and learning you will get through and come out as an even greater person.

Decide if the situation you are in will make or break you, right now. Take the leap and begin taking massive action towards your dreams and goals!

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