Freedom | Journal | Social Buddha

Many of us say that we want more freedom in life. Instead we choose familiarity and predictability almost every time.
Fear of letting go of the illusion of control, fear of living NOW and not knowing the future.

The fact is that you will only be in control of your life once you take full responsibility for everything that happens, and stop letting anything outside yourself affect you or dictate your actions. Until then you are being controlled and easily manipulated.

True freedom and acceptance is our natural state. Attachment to trying to control an illusory future is a waste of time that creates stress and suffering in return for a meager existence on the hamster wheel going NOWHERE.

Life is meant to be simple. It is meant to be enjoyed and LIVED, not endured. You have a choice and you can choose now. Choose freedom. Choose to feel alive, choose to feel fantastic every moment of every day. Dare to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you and LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOURSELF starting TODAY!

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