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Eye to Eye Contact is important for communication

Conversation is a part of communication, but so are non-verbal cues.  One of the ways that we communicate the most is through “Eye Contact”. It is a body language skill that can help access someone’s feelings and communicate yours as well.

Eye contact goes very deep into evolutionary behavior.


For example, looking a gorilla in the eye is seen as a challenge. If you lose that confrontation, the gorilla assumes that you’re weaker than it is, so it can proceed to fight you and rip you apart.

Looking down is not only a sign of submission from a social perspective it’s also an attempt to hide what we really think. When making eye contact, we not only look into the soul of the person in front of us, but they are also looking into ours. And some people don’t want to give away that sort of information

Moreover, eye contact is a powerful ingredient of communication. It allows you to deal with inner state of every individual and stands on your conversation. Having this strategy makes you feel deep on someone’s feeling. A heartfelt and trustworthy disseminating information as we define on this style.

That is why eye contact is so important and why it’s so important to work on your inner state to communicate powerfully with your eyes.

Have you ever met someone that perhaps wasn’t the most attractive person ever, but you could not take your eyes off of them? Couldn’t look away from their eyes as they locked eyes with you. Well, that was what I often call vibe and one of the most powerful ways to communicate it is through the eyes. 

This article will show you how to make a great “eye contact” with a person making your communication powerful and effective.


Tip # 1 Create an Empowering Self-Image


They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Make sure you have an empowering self-image. If you have any sort of insecurity and reframe that. I have other videos that I talk about that, write down 50 or 100 reasons why you’re amazing, sexy and incredible, etc.


List 50 or 100 reasons why you are amazing, incredible and worthy. This is another way to create a solid foundation for confidence.

In my opinion, eye contact is fundamental for a connection even with strangers that pass by. I make eye contact with a lot of random people in my regular day with women (it doesn’t mean I’m interested, it’s just a habit) and I have the same habit with men.  In fact, there have been studies that show that prolonged eye-contact can actually generate a bond.



Tip #2 Use Eye contact to Connect. Make it a game.


I often have fun playing my own game of locking eyes with strangers. I walk super carefree, relaxed and happy, then as I encounter someone I wait maybe until I’m 5 or so feet away from them and lock eyes with them. If you’re present enough and have the right mindset going you’ll be able to feel people who want to make eye contact. It’s similar to how people can tell when someone stares at them, it’s an energy thing.

Get in a great mood and to the point that your eyes smile as well. Often times people give that selfie smile that is just done for a pose and they’re really not smiling genuinely. It is shown in your eyes.



Tip# 3 Make a bit prolonged contact


A bit of prolonged eye contact is good. It sets you as comfortable confident person and too much, well, it’s either creepy or a challenge. 

How to best break eye contact?

I just make eye contact and smile, wave or just say hello. However, I rarely break eye-contact first. For me it’s a way to connect, establish respect, conveying that I’m comfortable with myself and with them.

In a conversation break gaze from time to time maybe after 5 or 10 seconds. These are rules of thumb that can be skipped if you get your inner mindset and vibe together.



Tip# 4 Look on a Person’s Left Eye


In conversation or any type of situation where you make eye-contact if you wish to connect look into the person’s left eye. The left eye is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain which is the more emotional non-analytical side. That is why people look to the top right when they are making up something or lying and to the left when they are recalling a memory.

As you do this you will be able to not only connect with a person better, but you will be able to see them more for who they are. 




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