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Emotional Problem? Learn 2 Powerful Emotional Healing Tools for Transformation

Easy, Simple and Fast Self- Emotional Healing, It’s not your fault, It’s all about how you process your emotions.

Is it hard to heal yourself? Why can’t you heal? You deserve happiness, peace, and a better life.

You have a right to live and to be happier, more loved and accepted. It is really crucial to imagine why you can’t heal yourself with negative emotions and being pessimistic in some ways. We want to let it go of our feelings which our burdens to make a gap in our relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. But this article will show you that you can let them go easily with very simple tools that you can use anywhere and anytime.

These tools help us to let go of feelings of resentment or guilt that we often carry with family, significant others and friends. You will be able to use them while you are driving, working, or doing any kind of activities.

Every day in our life we are dealing with problems and statements in our life. We are creating different feelings in various situations it is just like knowing and increasing your awareness of your emotions to manage it accordingly. Logically we are digging deep in our emotions as well said: “knowing your shadow”. As you bring awareness without the resistance of these emotions then they began to disappear.

You may be thinking right now that it is hard to get rid of those emotions. It is time-consuming or a long term healing and crucial for us to really break our attachment for those feelings. But, it is our choice and perseverance to be strongly confident to let them go. Some of us dealing with major traumas like divorce, severe depression, long term family problems, bereavement and etc.

The key to work these method is your willingness to experience your emotions.

In addition, asking yourself to welcome these feelings are really consistent to balance your emotions and can heal yourself anytime and anywhere which can reduce and totally eliminate bad emotions which affect your daily lifestyle and your health.

Here is a simple method which can radically change your life:

The first method is the Sedona Method

Did you know that questions can be the answers to your problems? This first method is all about asking the right questions. These questions act like pathways in the process of self-healing or emotional healing. Therefore, you will gain access within yourself to deal with the specific problems and emotions in order to let go of negative emotions successfully.

Here are the following questions which this method uses. Repeat these questions in this order over and over until you feel the emotions disappearing.

A few things to note is that you don’t have to identify what the emotion is exactly to let it go and also. The only answers for the following 3 questions will be either Yes, or No, and NOW for the final question. Keep your answers to the following questions simple no need to overthink and explain your answers.

Again, possible answers for this question and the next two questions is either YES or NO. Both of those answers bring awareness to the emotion and help you let go. Eventually, you will move into all YES and you’ll be letting the emotion go completely.

1. Can you welcome this feeling as best as you can? Yes, or No.

2. Could you let it go? Yes, or No.

3. Would I let it go? Yes, or No.

4. When? NOW.

The second Healing Tool is the “ Ho’oponopono” Method

This method is originally Hawaiian traditional teaching. It became known from a therapist who helped rehabilitate dangerous patients using this simple tool. He began to see how this method healed his patients as he practiced it on himself and through daily repetition.

Are you ready to learn this method? It is simple. The method uses four statements that create a powerful transformation within yourself.

I am sorry
Please forgive me (this is about taking responsibility that a some level we cause what ever problem we perceive)
Thank you
I love you

I Am Sorry

This statement requires you to take 100% responsible for anything you have in life. Our pride sometimes obstructs us to heal our emotions effectively. It is powerful to build a new perspective accept that we are capable of creating anything and everything in our lives. So, as you say I’m sorry, you are healing what you have created which doesn’t serve you.

Please Forgive Me

Many people say forgiveness is the hardest thing to do as a human being. Forgiveness is a powerful act to began to heal yourself and hence your reality.

Thank You

You are always saying this world just an appreciation of someone or something you accept from others. This statement is about thanking for the forgiveness and healing that is happening.

I Love You

This word has meaningful with a countless and immeasurable explanation.

Our main goal for self-healing is to be loved and to love as an origin of happiness and life. These are the most powerful word for me. It is not only for someone we love. This word is for all who deserve to love and to be loved.

What’s your biggest lesson from this article?

Let us make something better for our lives and continue to heal ourselves and our lives.


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