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We offer custom-tailored live training courses for individuals and groups in whatever social environment you prefer, as well as personal phone coaching programs on a number of subjects including confidence, dating & relationships, lifestyle, self-development, social life & socializing, mental & physical health, fitness and self-preservation.

Over the past several years, we’ve put together the most effective system in the world that can enable you to create an amazing social and dating life. Whether you want to feel socially empowered, you’re looking to meet the right guy or girl, or you just want better dating options, we can make it happen for you.

Everything we do is focused on creating lasting results in minimum time, while transforming you from the inside out. The coaching, whether live or on phone, is done in a relaxed manner and atmosphere. We do not pressure you to anything but we will lay things out as they really are, controversial or not.

Live coaching

Experience one of the most exciting and eye-opening weekends you can have! It can take place in either Denver, Colorado (rated the top city in a America for singles) or Playa del Carmen, MEX (one of Mexico’s most exotic tropical places).

The night starts at a local, hip, bar/lounge where well’ have dinner and set your strategy. Well’ then go to a popular downtown club, where we’ll show you how to meet people effortlessly. We will coach you, and talk in between. You will gain valuable insight regarding how to work a room, build confidence and design your ideal lifestyle.

This program is unlike anything else because you will be getting an expert coach helping you the whole weekend. You will always have support and will see first hand how it is to live on the next level from the best coaches in the world who will teach you how to do it!

Phone coaching

This program is flexible since most clients want to focus on specific areas of their life. To ensure you get the most value out of your coaching we will get a feel of where you are at and work out a unique and personal development plan that fits your needs. Phone coaching is very in-depth, for people who want to take their social and dating lives to a whole other level of fulfillment, abundance and effortlessness.

The coaching is done over ooVoo or Skype. Feel free to contact us immediately to schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation and see if we’re a good fit to help you.

This program is flexible, due to the fact that most guys want to focus on certain sticking points. To ensure you get the most value out of your coaching we will get a feel of where you are at and figure out a unique and PERSONAL game plan that fits your needs. This program is very in depth for guys who want to get over their sticking points and take their game to the next level.

You will be coached by two coaches that will help you help you twice as much with a particular issue you are having.


12-week coaching program

60 min weekly calls 


What you will gain:

Email Coaching

You can have access to our coaches every week for a month or months. Collaborating in your every week experience and advice to get the results you want. Email us your story, your reality and your experience you are having to advise you and guide you to a better and different one. Recreate your self and become the person you choose to be, not the one the world put you to be.