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Doing less and getting more, has been our philosophy because life was ment to be simple and easy.  Find out the keys to getting to your full pontential by enhancing who you are!

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Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening is the most isolating, loneliest, confusing, bothering but a beautiful experience in life.  Without experiencing a spiritual awakening, you go pursuing things with emptiness which you thought you will find happiness and satisfaction on it. Spiritual awakening happens at the least expected time. You can’t plan it. It rolls and […]

Living without Limits

  Boost Your Confidence and Live Limitless Each of you has your own goals and dreams that you want to achieve and confidence has a great part in living without limits to become the person you want to be. Confidence is a conviction or a mindset that helps in managing family, work, social events, relationships, […]

How to Overcome Loneliness

What is loneliness? Loneliness is the unhappiness that is felt by someone, or unpleasant emotional response to isolation. There is research that says, those who spend the most time on social media have a higher rate of loneliness or depression compared to those who spent the least time. Because of what you see on social […]

4 Ways to Use Visualization to Be More Social

Are you still thinking about what to say to start a conversation, or how you can keep a conversation going, and even having that confidence to be more social? The generation that we have right now, will pressure you to be social to be able to gain friends, learn new things or simply because you […]

3 Steps To Increase your Confidence and Emotional Freedom with People

To increase your confidence and emotional freedom does not mean that you do not feel anything anymore. It simply means that you break the cycle of being ruled by your emotions and fueling those with your thoughts. In this article, I will teach you a few steps on how to finally break old patterns of […]

4 Tips to Keep a Good Conversation Going on a Date

Have you ever wished that you could to talk to strangers or simply have a great conversation on a date? I’m going to reveal my ultimate two secrets for being an amazing conversationalist. My two secrets are being a great interviewer and the art of banter.      1. MAKE THE CONVERSATION ABOUT THE OTHER […]

Eye to Eye Contact, Makes Communication Easy and Powerful

Conversation is a part of communication, but so are non-verbal cues.  One of the ways that we communicate the most is through “Eye Contact”. It is a body language skill that can help access someone’s feelings and communicate yours as well.  Eye contact goes very deep into evolutionary behavior.   For example, looking a gorilla […]

4 Steps to Overcome a Breakup and get over a Heartbreak

    Let's make moving on easy and simple...Learn how to move on to overcome a breakup or heartbreakAre You Broken Hearted? Don’t worry, It is normal and it's not your fault. A breakup or being brokenhearted is a part of a relationship with someone. We feel devastated, anxious and depressed. People around the globe are [...]

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