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Communicate Telepathically with Others – Law of Attraction

Communicate Telepathically with Others – Law of Attraction

If you think that communication is all about what you say, or even about body language, then you’re THINKING of communication in the wrong way. Effective communication is when mind, body, and spirit are aligned and are sending a congruent message.

In this video, I talk about the importance of a positive vibe and communicating without words. It’s the way to make ALL of your communication congruent and consistently connect effectively with people.


Whether it is to manifest, better communicate, and or connect with others. There is no quick fix around this.

In order to effectively communicate it takes a practice of being consistent in your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Basically, it takes willpower, discipline, and most of all awareness to consciously communicate.

How to change your Self – Image for Love and Success

How to change your Self – Image for Love and Success

Single’s biggest regret in life for people is not having the courage to live a life true to themselves, rather than the life that others expect from them. Because of the intention of pleasing everyone, having self – image has forgotten. A self – image has a great part in your journey to achieving what you want.

I want to share with you an idea that recently has become of utmost importance to me. An idea that according to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, is the greatest psychological discovery of this generation is self – image.



What is Self-Image?

We all have an image of ourselves. We may see our reflection in the mirror, but that is only our physical identity. Your self-image is all about the mental image or the concept you have about yourself. That image or concept sometimes comes from personal experiences, perceived judgments, failures, success, feelings and so on. The image is always dependent upon perspective. Without an objective standard by which to measure yourselves, your self-image will be blurred.

Currently, you may be seeking significance, love, a sense of meaning, purpose, and success in your career, business or success in a relationship. The most important thing you can do at the moment is to create an ideal self – image based on truth and based on your dream or goals. A positive self-image can boost your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Here’s why a positive self – image is important :

1. You don’t need anyone’s approval.

It is a shortcut to finding fulfillment, love, and joy in your life. You tend to seek these emotions from other people like having a significant other, material success and experiences. You generally seek it because you haven’t accepted or loved yourselves for who you are. You don’t need to be perfect for you to love yourself you are still a work in progress. As you embody this self – image everything you do in life will be infused with love and joy. So, rather than trying or expecting of getting approval from people, encourage or help them boost their self – image.

2. You are more determined.

Your self – image not only gives you the emotions you seek on the outside, but it also increases your chances or abilities to achieve your goals in every area of your life. Your self-image is the thermometer for your life and your success. Adopt an image that is worthy of your goal in pursuing it. When you have a high self – image, you believe in your ability. Therefore you are more determined to succeed. You know you will have to work harder and more committed because you believe you can do it.

3. You don’t feel the need to be perfect.

Most of the time you don’t take action because you don’t feel worthy of having it. For example, if you have an image of yourself that only allows you to make a certain amount of money then when you reach a higher amount you will become uncomfortable because it doesn’t fit your self – image in mind. The same goes for losing weight, If you are an overweight person, you will be thinking any weight loss will only be temporary. If you wait for perfection before you take action, you will never start. Strive to be the best version of yourself.

And there you have it, the shortcut to feeling loved, significance, fulfillment and increasing your limits of success is your self – image. How do you do it? Through meditation, affirmations, and visualization, picturing yourself and your life exactly as you want it to be. It takes discipline.

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How to Overcome Loneliness

How to Overcome Loneliness

What is loneliness? Loneliness is the unhappiness that is felt by someone, or unpleasant emotional response to isolation. There is research that says, those who spend the most time on social media have a higher rate of loneliness or depression compared to those who spent the least time. Because of what you see on social media you tend to mirror it or make it as the standard of the life that you should have which moves you to ignore and not realizing the true treasure which is love that you already have from your family, friends, etc.

A recent study by YouGov reveals that men are much more likely to lead a more solitary life than women, with fewer friends they call close or best friends. Part of this has to do with facing their vulnerability alone. A drink at a bar for example for men with friends likely won’t lead to a heart to heart conversation. Being competitive is okay but don’t compare your achievements because it creates a barrier in connecting to others, know that each one of you has the right time in achieving your goals.

Another aspect that causes loneliness is that you are not in the habit of recognizing the love you already have in your lives. As they say, you don’t know what you already have until you lose it, why? because your mind rules your lives and you don’t notice the connections you share with those closest to you, connections you need to appreciate. That includes the love from your kids, your parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and so on. Even when you are in a relationship, sometimes you still feel lonely because you forgot to appreciate the blessing that you have or you’re still trying to find something better. Make it a habit to notice and appreciate the affection that is already there that you tend to overlook.

Consider these suggestions to overcome loneliness :

1. Learn to let go of past hurts.

When you feel lonely, it’s because a memory has triggered that feeling. It may be your pain in the past that is unhealed. Prefer to let go about the past and something that cannot be changed. Making that decision of letting it go also means that you are accepting the choice to let it go. This is empowering knowing that it is your choice to hold on to the pain or to have a future life without it.

2. Make gratitude a constant practice.

This is a powerful emotion that can make your life better in so many ways. It is difficult to be lonely when you are full of gratitude. Just like material abundance, not only you will feel loved when you are grateful for people, but that’s also the way you can attract the right things into your life. Let gratitude be a part of your every day.

3. Connect in real life.

Connecting in real life may not be the norm nowadays. With social media, Netflix, or our phones taking a lot of your time and attention makes you physically disconnected to others. Engaging in face-to-face social interaction helps improve our mood and reduces feelings of loneliness. Limit yourself from social media and prioritize in-person interaction and connection.

4. Reach out for support.

Be courageous and open up to those closest to you. Getting support gives you a different outlook that can help you put things in their rightful place. When you decided to reach out for support, be honest even if it’s uncomfortable to express how you’re feeling.

Every time you feel lonely, remember that you are not alone and that somebody there are most willing to talk and listen to you. Life is short to be consumed on suffering from loneliness. Heal the wounds caused by your past. Learn to love and accept yourself. Think of your blessings and the people who truly care for you.

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3 Steps To Increase your Confidence and Emotional Freedom with People

Steps to Increase Confidence and Emotional Freedom with People - SOCIAL BUDDHA

To increase your confidence and emotional freedom does not mean that you do not feel anything anymore. It simply means that you break the cycle of being ruled by your emotions and fueling those with your thoughts. In this article, I will teach you a few steps on how to finally break old patterns of inner emotional drama.

This will help you with managing your internal state when you are being social, are dating, or are in a relationship of any kind. As you go through these tips realize also that people have their filters, traumas, and emotional baggage. In this sense, as you begin to take charge of your emotions, you can stop taking things personally when people are not their best selves.



1. Disidentify with your emotions to increase your confidence and emotional freedom.


Begin to label them as simply emotions and don’t make them personal. You may feel the emotion of sadness, rejection, anger, excitement, etc. but it’s not you, it’s a temporary feeling. The more you’re simple with the emotion rather than labeling yourself as the emotion like I’m sad or I’m angry etc. the faster you can let it go healthily.

If you are feeling despair or like you are hitting rock-bottom and don’t see a way out it is often useful to be aware that you are NOT your emotions, and you ARE NOT your thoughts. I talk about how to build confidence from a place of feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom in the article link above.

2. Bring attention to your breathing and your body to rule your emotions.


Breathing can be such a healing tool and so can body awareness, this will help not only move your attention away from thoughts that may arise and feed your emotions but also, bring you into the present moment. For example, if you are in pain or even in a positive emotion feel it… the more you feel it the more you begin to heal that emotion automatically. You will begin to be at peace and has less feeling of ups and downs.

3. Journal thoughts to take control of them.


Write out your thoughts and make them conscious to take control of them. These thoughts often fuel your emotions. I often recommend re-write them into positive if you wish to have transformation and not just a therapy session. Take charge of your emotions. Declare positive things to yourself every single day. This is part of healing the past. For more healing methods, CLICK HERE.

Want to learn more about how to improve your confidence and master your emotions?

Forbes has a great article on building confidence.

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