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    There are traits of an attractive male that triggers an irresistable attraction on a woman, after many years talking to different girls and hearing what they think is an attractive male doesnt necessarely is what they are attracted to! attraction is uncontrolable!

    lets talk about some of those traits

    true to him self and to others
    a leader (listener)

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    so if i can understand ways that i have each one of these traits in my mind, for as litle as they can be in personality they will develop because what i believe to be true or is or becomes true for me. for example if can see ways that i am confident in my life and keep that perception… that i am confident with time that will be reflected in each passing day in my behaviour

    by the way i believe that if am not confident thats only because i think that i am not… right?

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    having a concept in mind is like planting a seed from that point on you can nurture it until it evolves. But its not only about thinking and keeping in mind the concept but rather feeling the concept and noticing how you will act or act in each situation having those traits and taking action that represent those traits its the ultimate mentality change because now you have made a new trail in your believe system sort of speak. You are not going on the same builded tracks but rather you have force you believe system on a new physical track which leaves a mark and a trail for next time again.

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    Felipe Yanez

    I would say that a lot of these traits are automatically adapted when you release “trying” and “wanting” and begin to see yourself as a person of value ( be it ). In other words, having a story about how women and EVERYONE pursues you and you are already bored of it can be very powerful. Once you are bored of women being into you and wanting to bang you, then confidence will come automatically, being selective will be who you are, you will find it easier to be yourself, to find your purpose and be passionate about it and in turn be a leader. There is nothing to get when everyone wants something from you specially hot chicks, and nothing to change about you either. IT’S JUST A CHOICE.

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