What brings satisfaction, fulfilment or lasting happiness?

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    Whatt brings satisfaction, fulfilment or lasting happiness?

    Realizing that you already have it, it’s a matter of choosing to be happy satisfy and fulfill, it has nothing to do with anything external but rather an internal decision and switch of been satisfy, accepting of this moment, fulfill and happy right now and in every moment. Not looking at happiness as of lasting but rather as of this moment and always now not in the future or the past.

    The biggest concept that not many people are ready for, which I wasn’t for a long time is that NOTHING IN LIFE MEANS ANYTHING! which you will probably say it’s a negative comment but in reality that same THINKING has to do with what the truth is which is that anything that happens in this life, any event it is only that an event what it means is the meaning we have LEARNED to give it and decide (if you are conscious) at each moment.
    An extreme but clear example is a room its only 4 walls and ceiling we can put a desk and a computer and suddenly it’s an office space or we can put a couch, a coffee table and a tv and suddenly it’s a living room or a bed and now it’s a bedroom and what it means to you will probably and most likely will not mean the same to me.

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