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    As we all know that we have automatic beliefs in our system and that even though alot of people think that is who they are it doesnt have to be true for you or them.

    There is different ways of changing core beliefs about an experience situation or thing

    But the most powerful way is to physically be in it and recreat our story

    There is a big difference between knowing that you can quit drinking or doing it

    As en example alot of people subatage them selves to i will quit slowly, drink one or 2 drinks but in really and most of the times the second and third drinks are as hard or harder to say no to then the first leading to the same pattern

    If from tge start physically you do the opposite or something differenr when you go to a bar and take step away from drinking and rather step away from the bar area the following steps become easier and the story pattern in your mind has no other choice then to restructure making a new meaning the experience.

    This goes for many different things in life and you do this long enough a new beleif gets ingraved and becomes a automatic response

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