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    Felipe Yanez

    This thread is dedicated to all entrepreneurs or “wanna be” business owners. It is focused on building the skill set necessary to escape the 9 to 5 (in the US at least) job trap and freeing yourself and your time.

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    i know how to do reflexology and its very good to help people relax. i tried to do here in my village for 10€ a session wend others earn 20 € a session and still i dindnt do it.
    i want to do 3 sessions a week at 20 € a session of 40 minutes to stop going to garbage trucks at saturdays for extra hours fom 6am to 12oclock for 30 €

    it is a good way to gain confidence in my habillities also, achiving this goal and good way to meet new people

    thank you for your attention
    zé luís

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      Felipe Yanez

      Ok cool, you do reflexology. Yes, its a good way to meet and connect with people.
      You said you didn’t do it, was it because you didn’t get customers or you decided not to do it?

      Also, you mentioned going to garbage trucks what do you currently do to make money? what’s your job?

      I would stay studying business, reading books on it and learning internet business/marketing etc is a good way to make a business. I mean look at how many people you could connect with by making an internet business virtually with everyone. I would recommend studying business is a good way to go about moving forward with your financial goals. I’m currently, listening to the Millionare fast lane…you can download it for free if you open up an account on Your first two audio books are free.

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    hi work for the local goverment as a gardener but at saturadys i go to work to garbage trucks to do extra hours.

    i didnt do reflexology beacuse i didnt get customers, but with visualization and affirmations i might get them.

    i still have in my computer 4 hour/week work from tim ferris to listen to but i like my job and my colleagues but your sugestion is good because i may change my mind

    i alwrethy have an affirmation from miguel(forum keymaster) to get promotions and i started doing visualization of people giving me congratulations for my promotion

    i work from 8am to 4pm with an hour lunch were i can go home walking have luch and relax a bit and i like this style of life

    the reflexology money of only 3 session a week for 20 € and promocion money would give a good finalcial life for whats happenig here in portugal.. the crisis and stuff like that, i dont know much because i dont wath tv or read newspapers but people say its very bad the economy here in portugal

    thank you

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